List of Speakers on Local History Topics Relating to County Durham

The list below has been compiled by the Forum in good faith but it is the responsibility of each society or group to make individual arrangements with speakers. The Forum does not accept responsibility for any dissatisfaction/liability arising from these individual arrangements.

John & Kathleen Anderson
  • All aspects of the Great War 1914-18. Including how to research names on a war memorial and those who survived. Presentations tailored to specific groups from Key Stage 1 to adults. In particlular: Seaham & the Great War, Mining, VAD Hospitals, Battle of the Somme, the role of women in the Great War, memorabilia, local regiments and Pals battalions.
  • Audio visual presentations, lectures and seminars and guided workshops.
Tel: 07779 016244
Email: John and Kathleen Anderson
John Askwith
  • Weardale Railway and The Heritage Line, slide show and talk
  • Branch line between Darlington and Wearhead in Weardale and associated attractions
Tel: 01325 462253
Email: jaskwith51f@gmail.com
Dr John Banham
Secretary of Durham County Local History Society
  • Early Banking in North East England 1755-1839
  • The Backhouses of Darlington - Quaker Bankers
  • The Hetton Coal Company 1820-1836
  • John Cookson 1712-83 : glass, iron and banking
  • Charles Attwood 1791-1875 : industrialist and inventor
  • Aspects of the history of Spennymoor
  • Aspects of the history of Chester le Street, 16th to 18th centuries
  • Old Park to Rome 1775/6 [a digital grand tour]
  • Medomsley to Miramichi : The career of General Sir Martin Hunter (1757-1846)
Tel: 01388 816209
Craig Barclay
Curator University Museums
  • Numismatics
  • Archaeology
  • Chinese Art
Email: c.p.barclay@dur.ac.uk
Jo Bath
  • 17th Century Newcastle
  • Tyneside 1914-18
  • Stories from the Newcastle Book of Days
  • The History of Medicine in Newcastle
  • Stories from the Gateshead Book of Days
  • Skincare and beauty the ancient Roman way
  • North Eastern Witchcraft
  • Medieval Ghosts
Tel: 0191 2322838
Email: jo@gelfling.co.uk
Keith Belton
  • History of Witton Park, digital presentation and slides
Tel: 07764 361362
Email: keith@snailhomes.co.uk
Lesley Bentham
Yes We Have National Costumes
  • Regional/folk costumes from 1850s - 1960s
Tel: 07511 568256
David Butler
  • Durham City
  • 19th Century Censuses
  • Local History Sources
  • Guided walks
Tel: 0191 3861500
Lynn Defty
  • From Telegram Boy to Bomber Boy - a personal story of her late father Wireless Operator/Air Gunner/Flight Sergeant/Warrant Officer, John S Morrison. It covers his early life and RAFVR training, his crash during the Tirpitz Raids in Norway, time spent at POW camps including Stalag Luft 3 and his return to the crash site and POW camps in later life.
Tel: 07931 531936
Email: lynn.defty@icloud.com
Kev Duncan
Durham Mining Museum
  • Mining and the Durham Coal Fields
Email: webmaster@dmm.org.uk
Durham Record Office
  • Activities of the Record Office, How to use the facilities
Tel : 0191 3833253
Email feedback: County Record Office
Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections
  • Talks and visits re. Library resources for local and family history, either in general or geared to specific places
  • North East Inheritance Project (Durham Probate Records)
  • Historic Maps of County Durham
  • Durham University Records and their uses for local and family history
Tel: 0191 3342932
Email: PG.Library@durham.ac.uk
John Geddes
  • Pleistocene to Medieval in Witton Gilbert Parish
Tel: 0191 3711717
Louisa Gidney
Rent a Peasant
  • Aspects of Everyday Rural Life: costumed presenter with show and tell talk centring on a selection of, mostly, reproduction artefacts with a time period chosen from Romano-British; Anglo-Saxon and/or Viking; Medieval (e.g Boldon Book); Tudors; C17th-C18th Continuity and Change in household artefacts; Victorians.
  • Costume through the Ages: the everyday clothes used by Rent a Peasant (with audience participation)
Tel: 01388 731848
Dr Dorothy Hamilton
  • County Durham in the 17th Century - Family life, neighbourhood relationships, medical knowledge/practitioners
  • Coal Mining in County Durham
  • 20th Century Durham
Tel: 0191 3739252
Margaret Hedley
Wheatley Hill History Club
  • Women in the pit village
Email: margaret.hedley2@btinternet.com
Alison Hodgson
  • Sedgefield in Victorian Times;
  • Poverty and the treatment of poverty through the ages
Tel: 01740 620912
David Lamb
Piercebridge Roman Group
  • Civil & military life under the Romans
  • Logistics of the Roman Army
  • Military Sites on Hadrian's Wall
Tel: 01162 766123 Email:piercebridge@barchester.co.uk
Rev. Kenneth Mankin
  • Methodist history
  • Child emigration to Canada
Tel: 0191 3750949
Robin Millerchip
  • English Parish Churches and their contents
  • Grave thoughts: changing times in disposal of the dead from the Middle Ages to the present
  • Light Blue: a History of Cambridge town and gown
Email: r.millerchip@btopenworld.com
Harry Moses
  • The Bradford Brothers/Roland Boys Bradford VC, MC
  • DLI POW's in WW2
  • Aspects of the history of the DLI Regiment in both World Wars
Tel: 01325 321773
Email: Harold.moses034@googlemail.com
George Nairn
Picture the Past
  • History of Picture Postcards, followed by slide show of old postcards featuring area talk held.
  • North East postcard photographers and some of their work (including a trip up the Northumberland coast in postcards)
  • History of Pickfords Heavy Haulage, including heavy loads in North East (of particular interest to industrial heritage groups)
  • My favourite golden era in postcards
Tel: 0191 3888780
Email: g.l.nairn@btopenworld.com
Michael Richardson
  • Durham City in Old Photographs
Tel: 0191 3841427
Email: gilesgatearchive@aol.com
Pam Russell
  • Nineteenth Century Souvenirs - a talk on commemorative china
Tel: 01642 611270
Dr. Winifred Stokes
Chair of Durham County Local History Society
  • Victorian women and their money
  • There's no such thing as a safe pit. Campaigns to improve mining safety in the C19th.
  • Matthias Dunn, campaigner for mining safety.
  • There's more to early railways than locomotives - early railway finance.
  • 'Fat Cows and Railway Lines': the links between agricultural improvement and industrialisation in NE England.
  • Unfortunate, mismanaged or the victim of industrial rivalry? The story of the Clarence Railway
  • Farsighted entrepreneur or dubious operator? Ralph Ward Jackson of Hartlepool
  • "Nothing for nothing for nobody" The career of Nicholas Wood, founder of the Institute of Mining Engineers.
  • Iron, Coal and Cinders - County Durham's coking industry
  • Dads army circa 1803. The role of the Volunteer regiments formed during the threat of French invasion.
  • Pitmen, politics and primitive Methodism - in South Northumberland
  • Norfolk to Witton Park; the Great Migration seen through the eyes of those who made it.
  • Founding fathers of non conformity or Vicars of Bray? The Great Ejectment of 1662 in North East England
  • Unitarianism in North East England
  • The Raas : colliery housing in the North East in the C19th.
Tel: 0191 2575918
Email: stokeswinifred@gmail.com
Graham Soult
Retail Consultant and Chairman of Spital Tongues History Society
  • Wor Woolies: An Architectural Tour of Former Woolworths Stores in the North East
  • Details and Detours: Hidden Features of North East Architecture and Landscape
  • Retail Details and Detours: Hidden Features of the North East High Street
  • 'The Historic Village of Spital Tongues
Tel: 0191 4610361
Email: graham@soult.com
Mark S Thompson
  • The DLI in the Napoleonic Wars
  • Book binding and book repairs
Email: Mark Thompson
Geoff Wallis
  • The Derwent Iron Works and the District Bank
  • A History of Coal in County Durham
  • My Family History (Getting Started in Family History)
  • Ludworth Tower and the Moving Village
Email: Geoff Wallis
Harry Wynne
North Eastern Police History Society
  • History of Policing in the North East
Email: harry@pcbrinkburn.fsnet.co.uk

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