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About 1840, the emerging town of Spennymoor had begun to grow rapidly from its lone farm beginning. The expansion resulted from the mineral wealth of the area which had led to the establishment of an iron and steel works and several coal mines in and around the town. New churches and chapels were needed to cater for the expanding population.

Holy Innocents Church (C. of E.)

Tudhoe Holy Innocents parish was created in 1860 from parts of Brancepeth St. Brandon, Ferryhill St. Luke's and Merrington St. John the Evangelist parishes. The Anglican Church of Holy Innocents, costing £1,800 and serving Low Spennymoor, Tudhoe Moor, Colliery and Village, was consecrated on May 2nd, 1866 by the Bishop of Durham – the Rt. Revd Charles Baring. In 1980, Holy Innocents sadly closed, due to lack of finance, and was demolished in 1987. Some of the stone went to create an island folly in the newly formed lake at Whitworth Hall while two stained glass windows have been donated to St. David’s Church. Thus, Holy Innocents will continue to live on, albeit greatly diminished, within the fabric of St. David's. For further information visit St. David's Church.

  • Holy Innocents Church
  • Holy Innocents Low Spennymoor c 1912
  • Holy Innocents
  • Holy Innocents Church, Demolition

St. David's Church, Tudhoe (C. of E.)

On November 7th, 1880, the Rt. Revd. Joseph Lightfoot opened the 'Iron Church' in Tudhoe Lane as the Chapel of Ease to Holy Innocents. The corrugated iron-clad building was designed to accommodate 280 persons and had cost £620. It was then enlarged twice – in 1882 and 1885 - increasing the capacity to 300 and the final cost to £731. In 1991 – 1992, a major fundraising campaign resulted in the rusting corrugated iron cladding being overlain by pressed steel sheeting, at an overall cost of £37,000. For further information visit St. David's Church.

  • St. David's Church Tudhoe Lane c.1920s
  • St. David's before recladding
  • St. David's after recladding
  • St. David's PCC
  • St. David's Church Tudhoe Lane. 'The Tin Church'.
  • St. David's Badminton Club

St. Charles' Roman Catholic Church, Tudhoe and St. Mary’s Convent Homes

A catholic parish was established in 1858 and in 1870 Bryan John Salvin of Burn Hall provided the land for the building of the church of St. Charles Borromeo in Tudhoe Village at a cost of £5,000. the bell tower was added in 1882.

Tudhoe Academy was a boarding school for “the sons of Catholic gentlemen or very reputable merchants”, probably set up with the support of the Salvin family. It closed in 1808 when the seminary at Ushaw College was built, but later in the century the site was used for St. Charles’ Church and St. Mary’s Convent Home for girls. The girls left in 1939 and it became an Home for boys from 1939 to 1965. It was demolished and the site sold for housing in 1968 and St. Mary's Grove was built in its place.
Tudhoe Hall Farm was built in approx. 1600, with a Catholic chapel in the loft reputedly used by students from the English Catholic College in Douai (who were sent to live at Tudhoe Academy after Douai was overrun during the reign of terror in France). For further information visit St. Charles' R.C. Church website.

  • Tudhoe Village St. Charles' Church c.1883
  • St. Charles' Catholic Church Tudhoe
  • St. Charles' Operatic 30's
  • St. Charles' Oranising Committee for Fr. George Gregson's Jubilee c.1940
  • Fr. James Gunning with Altar Servers 1985
  • St. Charles' Church
  • St. Charles' R.C. Church August 1987
  • St. Charles' Church
  • Catholic Ladies 2000
  • St. Charles' 2000 1st. Service
  • St. Charles' 2000 Candle
  • St. Charles' Jubilee Millenium Cross August 2000
  • St. Charles' Jubilee Millenium Cross August 2000
  • St. Charles' Jubilee Millenium Cross August 2000
  • Tudhoe Village St. Mary’s Convent Home c.1900
  • Tudhoe Village St. Mary's Home for Boys c.1950.
  • St. Mary's Homes
  • St. Mary's Grove
  • Tudhoe Hall and Farm
  • Tudhoe Hall Farm

Whitworth Church, Whitworth (C. of E.)

The ancient parish of Whitworth was created from part of the parish of Merrington. Whitworth Church was first mentioned in 1183 in the Bolden Book and was built as a chapel of ease to Kirk Merrington. It was rebuilt in 1808 and renovated again in 1850. It is located within the grounds of Whitworth Park Estate but the church was not for the sole use of the family at Whitworth Hall. It has two 13th century stone effigies of a knight in armour and his lady and was the birthplace and burial place of Robert Shafto (Bonnie Bobby Shafto).
For further information visit Whitworth Church Archaeological Assessment. (copyright Durham Diocesan Board of Finance)

  • Whitworth Church
  • Whitworth Church Choir 1930
  • Whitworth Church Effigy of a Knight in Armour
  • Whitworth Church
  • Whitworth Vicarage Greenhouse c.1903
  • Whitworth Vicarage now Jesmond House. c.1903

St. Paul's Church, Spennymoor (C. of E.)

St. Pauls Church was Spennymoor's first church built as a chapel of ease to Whitworth Church and consecrated in 1858. Spennymoor St. Paul's parish was created in 1875 from Whitworth parish. On 25th July 1953 the church was reduced to a ruin by fire and took three years to rebuild at a cost of £26,000. For further information visit St. Paul's Church website.

  • St. Paul's Football 1939
  • St. Paul's Boys Camp
  • St. Paul's Boys Camp
  • St. Paul's Group at Garden Party 1939
  • St. Paul's Church
  • St. Paul's Choir 50's
  • Temporary Altar in Town Hall 1954
  • St. Paul's Parish Dance 1950's
  • St. Paul's Reded 1953
  • St. Paul's Badminton Club
  • St. Paul's Cross
  • Opening of St. Paul's Field Day
  • St. Paul's PPC
  • St. Paul's Mill Service
  • St. Paul's Needlework
  • St. Paul's Church
  • Wedding Vow renewals at St. Paul's Church 2000

St. Andrew's Church, Tudhoe Grange, Spennymoor (C. of E.)

Tudhoe Grange St. Andrew parish was formed in 1884 from parts of Spennymoor St. Paul and Tudhoe Holy Innocents parishes. St. Andrew's Church was built in the same year by C.H. Fowler at a cost of £3,000, the site was given by the Weardale Iron and Coal Company. It was extended in 1890 and 1895 with a memorial chapel and vestry.

  • St. Andrew's Mothers Bible Class c.1900
  • St. Andrew's Lads Brigade 1908
  • St. Andrew's Church c.1920's
  • St. Andrew's Brownies
  • St. Andrew's PCC
  • St. Andrew's Church
  • St. Andrew's Church
  • St. Andrew's Church
  • St. Andrew's Church

Methodist Churches

  • Central Methodist Youth Club c.1948
  • Independant Methodist Jubilee Church 14 day Mission 1-14 February 1919
  • Low Spennymoor Independant Methodist trip to Bridlington 1950's
  • Wesley Church Group
  • Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Concert Party 1920's
  • Wesleyan Chapel 1900
  • Rosa Street Trinity Flower Festival
  • Rosa Street Methodist Concert 'Phillida' 1926
  • Rosa Street Holy Trinity Methodist Church 1991
  • Rosa Street Methodist Millenium Service
  • Stratton Street Methodist Church 1934
  • Tudhoe Colliery Methodist Church 1988
  • Zion Chapel 1960's
  • Zion Chapel

Salvation Army

  • Salvation Army Mill Service
  • Salvation Army 50 years of service c.1948
  • Salvation Army Band 1906
  • Salvation Army Home Leaque c.1913
  • Salvation Army Junior Band c.1950
  • Salvation Army Wedding at Bishop's Close Methodist Chapel c.1930
  • Salvation Army Band c.1930's
  • Salvation Army Card Front
  • Salvation Army Card Rear

Baptist Church / Newlife Christian Centre / Presbyterian Church

  • Baptist Chapel Football Team 1910-11
  • New Life Church
  • Presbyterian Church
  • The Manse & Presbyterian Church 1920's


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  • York Hill Cem April99
  • Rock Road Cemetery

Other pictures

  • Church Club Group c.1923
  • Reading 1888

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