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Photographic Archive - Industry - Heavy

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  • Sinking Whitworth Pit
  • King St. Miners Gala 1900's
  • Pit Deputies c.1910?
  • Miners Welfare Home Conniston
  • Miners March 1980s

Tudhoe Colliery/Drift

Tudhoe Colliery was opened in 1864 by the Weardale Iron & Coal Co. Ltd., on 18th April 1882 37 men and boys lost their lives in an explosion. It closed in 1936.

  • Tudhoe Colliery Disaster 1882
  • Memorial Tudhoe
  • Prayer 1882
  • Tudhoe Explosion
  • Tudhoe Colliery Coalminers c.1895
  • Tudhoe Colliery Mechanics in the Colliery Boiler House c.1900
  • Tudhoe Colliery Mechanics c. 1900's
  • Tudhoe Colliery Mechanics 30th May 1905
  • Tudhoe Colliery Pit and Railway Sidings 1914.
  • Tudhoe Banner 1920's
  • Tudhoe Mill Drift Mine c.1957
  • Tudhoe Mill Banner Durham Miners Gala 1960's
  • Tudhoe Lodge Banner
  • Tudhoe Park Lodge Banner at DBM 1988

Whitworth Colliery

Whitworth Park mine shaft was sunk on Shafto's Estate in June 1839 and was the first major coal producing mine on Spenny Moor. It wasn't profitable in the early days and eventually closed in 1974.

  • Whitworth Pit Drawing
  • Miners at Whitworth Pit c.1950
  • Whitworth Park Lodge Banner 26th July 1952
  • Whitworth Banner
  • Whitworth Colliery Yard
  • Whitworth Park Banner 50's
  • Whitworth Pit
  • Durham Gala 1998 Whitworth Tce.
  • Whitworth Banner
  • Whitworth Banner

Tudhoe Ironworks/Cokeworks

Tudhoe Ironworks was built in 1853 by the Weardale Iron Co., headed by Charles Attwood. It closed in 1901.

  • Blast Furnaces at Tudhoe Iron Works 1897
  • Tudhoe Colliery Workers Coke Plant c.1900
  • Tudhoe Works
  • Tudhoe Works
  • Tudhoe Coke Ovens FC c.1930
  • Tudhoe Cokeworks Analytical Laboratory 1949
  • Tudhoe Cokeworks c. 1950
  • Last Worker at Weardale Works c.1950
  • Tudhoe Works
  • Tudhoe Works
  • Tudhoe Works
  • Tanker from Tudhoe Ironworks

M. Coulson & Co. Ltd, Merrington Lane Ironworks

  • Coulson Workers 1946
  • Coulson workers

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