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Books relating to Spennymoor and District in Chronological Order

J.J.DoddThe History of the Urban District of Spennymoor with occasional references to Kirk Merrington, Middlestone, Westerton, Byers Green, Page Bank, Croxdale and Ferryhill. 1897 [2nd Edition 1899]. Reprinted 1992 by Abley Rare Books (ARB). Available online in various formats.
H.C.SurteesThe history of the parishes of Tudhoe and Sunnybrow in the County Palatinate of Durham. 1925
John Reavley JPHistory of Spennymoor. 1935.
Spennymoor SettlementThe First Seven Years at the Spennymoor Settlement, a Historical Sketch and an Appeal. June 1938
Spennymoor SettlementThe Spennymoor Settlement, 21st Birthday Commemorative Magazine. 1951
G.R.BerrimanA History of the Parishes of Whitworth and St.Paul's, Spennymoor. 2nd Edition, 1961
A.J.CoiaTudhoe St. Charles School 1873-1973  Spennymoor 1973
R.S.AbleyThe Byers Green Branch of the Clarence Railway. Durham County Local History Society, 1975
A.J.CoiaSpennymoor in old picture postcards. European Library, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 1983.
A.J.CoiaTudhoe St. Charles Parish 1858-1983 Spennymoor 1983. Available at St Charles' R.C. Church website.
N.D.BakerFlickers in the Flames of the Furnace: The First Century of the Parish Church of St. Andrew, Tudhoe Grange, Spennymoor  1884-1984,  Spennymoor. 1984
J. Mallabar [ed]Norman Cornish: a slice of life. Wallingford, 1989.
A.J.CoiaSpennymoor and District : a pictorial recollection - Book 1. CTW Publications, Spennymoor, 1990
A.J.CoiaSpennymoor and District : a pictorial recollection - Book 2. CTW Publications, Spennymoor, 1991
H.Vince (ed)Open doors...conversations on the past: stories told to Class 6, King Street School by some senior citizens of Bessemer Park Estate in Spennymoor, Co. Durham. Spennymoor Youth Centre 1991
K.ArmstrongHomespun: the story of Spennymoor and its famous settlement told by local people  Northern Voices 1992
D.J.Butler (ed)The Beginnings of Spennymoor : the 1851 Census of Whitworth and Tudhoe. T&SLHS, Spennymoor 1994.
R.S.AbleySpennymoor. Chalford, 1997
N.CornishCornish and Spennymoor : a selection of the drawings, sketches and reminiscences. Northumbria University Gallery, 1999.
R.S.AbleySpennymoor remembered, ARB Spennymoor, 1999
R.S.AbleySpennymoor remembered Book 2, ARB Spennymoor, 2000
A.J.CoiaMillennium memories, CTW Publications, Spennymoor, 2000
R.S.AbleySpennymoor remembered Book 3, ARB Spennymoor, 2001
R.S.AbleySpennymoor remembered Book 4, ARB Spennymoor, 2003
R.S.AbleyIn and around Spennymoor : a selection of photographs from the collection of Ernest Metcalfe, ARB Spennymoor, 2004
R.S.AbleyWhitworth Park Colliery, 1836-1855. ARB Spennymoor, 2004
J.D.Banham (ed)Crossing the Jordan to Jerusalem : Spennymoor in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses. T&SLHS, Spennymoor 2006
R.SimpsonWe'll always be United : the history of Spennymoor United F.C. 2007
R.S.AbleySpennymoor remembered Book 5, ARB Spennymoor, 2008
B.HallPublic houses of Spennymoor & neighbourhood. 2008
R.McManners & G.WalesWay to the better : the Spennymoor Settlement. Gemini 2008
A.J.CoiaParish of Tudhoe St. Charles 1858-2008. Spennymoor 2008. Available at St Charles' R.C. Church website.

Papers relating to Spennymoor & District in Durham County Record Office

Parish RegistersBrancepeth 1599-1977 [ref. EP/Br]
Merrington 1579-1967 [ref. EP/Mer]
Spennymoor {St.Paul's}1863-1965 [ref.EP/Sp]
Tudhoe {Holy Innocent's} 1866-1980[ref. EP/Tu]
Tudhoe {St.David's} 1967-1980 [ref. EP/Tu.SD]
Tudhoe Grange {St.Andrew's} 1883-1949 [ref. EP/TuG]
Whitworth 1569-1968 [ref. EP/Whi].
Education RecordsSchool Log Books:
Cheapside Council Mixed & Infants School, 1906-1 2 [ref. E/WC/17]
King Street {formerly Tudhoe Grange} Boys School, 1912-54 [ref. E/WC/18
King Street {formerly Tudhoe Grange} Junior Mixed, 1912-62 [ref. E/WCI19]
King Street {formerly Tudhoe Grange} Infants School, 1879-1912 [ref. E/WC/46,47].
Salvin PapersInclosure Award for Tudhoe,1639 [ref.D/Sa/E 371-377 & 571-579]
Marriage Duty Tax Return for Tudhoe in 1696 [D/Sa/E 962]
Fleming PapersRelating to the Fleming family, land agents for the Salvins from 1844 [ref. D/Fle]
Quarter SessionsLand Tax Return for Tudhoe, 1759 [Q/D/C46].
Tithe Plans and ApportionmentsTudhoe 1839 [ref. D/Br/P146] and Old Park [Whitworth] 1845 [ref.D/Br/P144] + 1839 Plan of B.J.Salvin's Estate [ref.D/WaI1I1117].

Papers relating to Spennymoor & District in Durham University Library [Archives and Special Collections]

Tithe PlansWhitworth 1845 [ref. DDR/EA/TTH/1/254]
Spennymoor Settlement PapersCollected by its first (and only) resident warden, William G. ('Bill') Farrell (1895-1971) and his wife Elizabeth ('Betty'), together with some personal papers of the Farrells [ref. GB-0033-SPE]


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