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Photographic Archive - Transport

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  • Early Motor Cycle c.1920's
  • Early Trike c.1926
  • Alan Watson & brothers on Motor Cycle in Byers Green c.1930s
  • Allan Bike Byers Green

Family Transport

  • Early Form of push chair c.1900's
  • Park Parade Typical Family Transport c.1900
  • Horse & Trap
  • Horse drawn Mission Caravan parked at Page Bank.
  • Blanche and Flora with their cut-out car made of cardboard c.1909
  • Motoring Club 1920's
  • Mr. Barrett in his Car August 1932

Funeral Transport

  • Funeral King street c.1915
  • Vincent Carnival Cart 1920's
  • Vincents Funeral Cart 1916

Commercial and Heavy Vehicles

  • Pickup Pop Steamer c.1905
  • Furniture Van of the Spennymoor Co-op 1910
  • Baker's Horse & Cart
  • Harrison's Bakers c.1923
  • Edward Bros Flower & Potato Merchants Delivery Vehicles in Queen Street c.1924
  • Spennymoor UDC Steamroller  c.1930's
  • Spennymoor UDC Steamroller in a hole c.1930's
  • Harry Williams Haulage c.1940's
  • Santucci Alonzi's Horse-drawn Icecream Cart
  • Alonzi Van
  • Roma Café Ice Cream Van c.1950
  • Dent's Road Haulage Transport Fleet 1960


  • Early Charabanc Trip
  • Early Charabanc Trip
  • Early Coach
  • Jewitt's first bus 1920's
  • Early Jewitt's Bus c.1928
  • Dennis autobus which ran between Croxdale and Spennymoor 1929
  • Spennymoor Bus Drivers 1939-45
  • A Shaw Brother's Bus of the 1950s on Byers Green to Spennymoor route
  • O'Hara's Bus


  • Train Poster
  • Railway Station
  • Spennymoor Railway Station c.1940's
  • Railway Plaque


  • Ernie Brooks in his Brookland Mosquito Gyroplane c.1960

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